Psychic Medium and Remote Viewer William Murray Comes to Boxborough!

Psychic Medium and Remote Viewer William Murray Comes to Boxborough!

William Patrick Murray is the author of more than eighty books and novels, as well as hundreds of articles and short stories under his working name of Will Murray, and under several pseudonyms.

Psychic Medium and Remote Viewer William Murray Comes to Boxborough!

A professional psychic since 1997, William Murray studied mediumship and related disciplines at the First Spiritual Church of Quincy, Massachusetts for a period of six years, starting in the year 2000. Between 1999 and 2003, Murray trained with Dr. David Morehouse, one of the original Star Gate remote viewers, becoming proficient in both Coordinate Remote Viewing and Extended Remote Viewing. Beginning around the year 2000, and extending over more than a dozen years, he did Monroe Institute-inspired consciousness exploration work under channel Dee-Jay Condon, as well as taking an Advanced Hemi-Sync Excursion workshop with Monroe Institute Outreach Facilitator Andrea Berger.

Murray was recently recruited as part of a 70-person team of remote viewers for the History Channel’s new program, Beyond Skinwalker Ranch.

William Murray’s Year 2000 novel, Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD: Empyre, predicted the operational details of the 9/11 terror attacks in New York City and Washington, DC.

His recent book, Forever After was channeled over the Summer and Fall of 2005. It tells the unfolding story of the day God woke up from hibernation and couldn’t remember who he was, or where he was….

Is it meant to be taken literally, or is this an elaborate fable designed to be a spiritual teaching tool? Murray professes not to know…

New England WizardFest & Magic Convention – August 25-27, 2023 – Boxborough MA.

NEComicCon Presents: NewEngland Wizardfest and Magic Convention

Stay in the heart of the magic at The Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center, the very venue of our enchanting event. Located conveniently at 242 Adams Pl., Boxborough, MA, 01719, the hotel ensures a comfortable stay with its array of amenities including free parking, high-speed internet, an indoor pool, and a fitness center. Unwind at the bar/lounge after a day of spell-binding activities, or utilize the business center as per your needs.

For those wanting to explore the local area, take advantage of the free shuttle service that will transport you to sites within a 10-mile radius. Satisfy your hunger spells at the hotel’s on-site restaurant, the Minuteman Grille, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner to cater to all your dining needs during the event.

Its prime location just off I-495 makes the Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center an ideal base for attendees traveling from near and far. So, whether you’re a local magic enthusiast or a wizarding world explorer, getting to the venue will be as simple as a swish and flick of a wand. Book your room now and get ready for a magical stay!

Psychic Medium and Remote Viewer William Murray Comes to Boxborough!

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