Become an Exhibitor at the New England WizardFest

Imagine a place where the finest vendors. artisans, craftsman, wizards, and witches from New England and beyond gather to showcase their magical creations. A place where you can indulge in the mystical aromas of potions and candles, admire the shimmering beauty of crystals and jewelry, and uncover the secrets hidden within books and oddities, magic memorabilia, magic tricks, games, puzzles, books, art and licensed merchandise from famous Wizards and Witches such as The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, Hocus Pocus, Charmed, Wednesday, Lord of The Rings, Merlin, Doctor Strange and many more.

This place exists and it is called the New England WizardFest! From August 25-27, 2023, at the Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center in Boxborough, Massachusetts shall be transformed into a magical haven for all those who seek to explore the mysteries of the world of magic and wonder!


Oliver’s Wands

Fantasma Toys & Magic

Orchard Works Magic Wands

Wex Rex Collectibles

Rich Mori Antique and Collected Books

The Great Baldini – Magic Props & Books

Valdez Magic Performance Surfaces

Thimble & Sword LLC

Luminous Obscurity

Draw Gabe Draw

Pursued By A Bear Sewing

BeeZ By Scranton

Amy Lynn Imaging

Arcadian Chain

Origami Owl

Full Moon Creations

Vickri Arts

Little Potato Printing Company

Boo’s Creations

DB Sports Memorabilia & Toys

Fudge Lady

Kristen Cappucci

Karen’s Crowns and Hats

Magpie Rampant

Crafted Cookie Company

Whimsy & Zest

Crystal Concentrics

William Murray


Alexandra’s Steampunk Emporium

Rachel’s Henna Art

Forest Haunt

Wicked Creative / New England Horror Writers

Oneall FX 

Meckley brooms

Sew Mystique

Skully Kouture

Arkane Industries

Magic Circle Collectibles

Kynnette’s Creations

The Creaky Cauldron

DragonWyck TerriDragons

Faewyld Creations

SubZero Nitrogen Ice cream

BYO Lightsabre 

Mary Daisley

Flourescent Finery

Author Brian R Hall


Exhibit Space Available While Supply Lasts