Magic Convention Special Guest – JEFF McBride

The Magic Convention features award winning Magician Jeff McBride, master mentalist Jon Stetson, magicians Steve Charette, Kayla Drescher, Cyril the Sorcerer, Cedric Purcell and more to be announced.

Jeff McBride, is the creator of the School of Magic & Mystery and an award winning (including a Fool Us Trophy from Penn and Teller). Jeff will be performing a close up Magic Show Friday evening during the Magicians Welcome Dinner And A Show, doing a lecture Saturday afternoon for Magicians and those who have desire to learn, will be headlining a special main stage Magic Show Saturday evening with support from Jon Stetson and Steve Charette, with reserved seats available, and host a 3 hour workshop for a limited number of working magicians and those who may want to learn. Advance purchase is advised as each experience is extremely limited.

Friday evening will be the Magician’s Welcome Dinner And A Show featuring a buffet meal, close-up magic show and magic jam. Limited tickets available.

Experience the Impossible: Jeff McBride FOOLED Penn & Teller Coming to NEW ENGLAND WIZARDFEST & MAGIC CONVENTION

Jeff McBride combined masks, mime and world-class sleight of hand to revolutionize the art of performing magic. As early as the 1980’s, his dynamic, martial arts and Kabuki-inspired performances made him the only magician of his time able to open for such super-star concert artists as Diana Ross, Cheap Trick, and Tom Jones.

He has been featured on every major television network, headlined shows at Caesars Palace and other top casinos worldwide. In 1993, The Academy of Magical Arts named him “Magician of the Year,” and both The Magic Circle and the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques (FISM) have awarded him with their top honors. He is the founder of the McBride Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas, named by the BBC as “the world’s most prestigious magic school.”

Unravel the Magic: Kayla Drescher and More at New England WizardFest 2023

Saturday, August 26 – Seminar Room – 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Tips for Tips: A Bar Magic Lecture (magicians only): Kayla is best known for her bar magic experience. Her full bar show, which has been seen in restaurants and venues all over the country, is often featured at the Magic Castle’s Library Bar. She currently works as one of the resident bar magicians at the Chicago Magic Lounge.
You will learn: The trick that won Kayla the title “The Next Great Magician” from David Copperfield; how to get the gig; how to make the most in tips; advice on setting up a bar for your full show; tips all restaurant magicians should know; how to make the most of the restaurant/bar experience.

Sunday, August 27 – Seminar Room – 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Make it Disappear: A Magicians Guide to Becoming a Wizard (for the beginning wizard): Have you ever wanted to make magical things happen? Come join Kayla for this hands-on workshop. You’ll learn a very cool magic routine with everyday objects. After some practice, you’ll be ready to impress all your friends! All you’ll need is your favorite wand and an excitement for magic. See you there! (This is best for wizards age 8 and up)